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Nopal Tea (Herbal Prickly Pear Tea)


2 oz Bag


Nopal is also known as Prickly Pear Cactus. Some believe traditional (folk) medicine calls for tea made from the Nopal and it's fruit to aid in managing sugar levels and digestion, and to reduce inflammation. Nopales effect on the glycemic index was recently researched, according to a study published in 2007 in 'Diabetes Care' titled "Lowering effect on postprandial glycemic response of nopales added to Mexican breakfasts." We aren't in the business of medicine so we can't vouch for it's health benefits, but we are in the business of providing gourmet items that are DELICIOUS and this tea is indeed tasty! Because it is herbal, it contains no caffeine. Enjoy as a hot tea or iced tea - this tea is a favorite for it's naturally sweet and fruity flavor.



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