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4-Pack: Pineapple Preserves (Whole Fruit)


Pineapple Preserves is one of our “two ingredient” recipes, made of just the fruit and sugar. It’s a mid-century kitchen staple whose magic we are just rediscovering!

Enjoy a spoonful straight out of the jar to quell a craving for sweet + tart.

Sweeten Szechuan and other hot & spicy recipes.

Serve as a condiment with pork, chicken and cheese.

Use as an old-school baste for ham or chicken.

Mix with your favorite barbecue sauce to add a tropical sweetness and a scrumptious chunky texture.

Dollop over ice cream sundaes and banana splits for an old-fashioned afternoon treat.

Add to cake batter to give it that boost of tropical sweetness and moisture (a secret ingredient in many carrot cake recipes). Add it to the coconut in German chocolate cake to create a tasty twist to this old recipe.

Dollop on cookies

Add to yogurt or oatmeal

Yes, and you can also spread it on croissants, biscuits or toast

Main ingredient source: Worldwide. Pineapple is no longer grown for produce distribution in the United States, so the pineapple used in our preserves comes from different tropical countries from around the world.

This product is a simple ingredient item, consisting of just fruit and sugar.

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