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About us

Hunter & Hilsberg was established in 1995, by an American and a German, and began as an exporter of American gourmet foods, wine, and finer household goods to Europe. As the product selection and demand grew abroad, the company was receiving an ever-increasing number of requests for their products in the United States and Canada. Exactly ten years later, Hunter & Hilsberg began offering its products for sale in North America through mail-order and gourmet retail & farm stores.

A message to our customers...

As a mail-order house and as a wholesaler, we are as much a service company as we are a purveyor of gourmet foods and accessories. It is therefore our goal to provide our customers with informative, friendly and flexible services. Many of our products and services have come recommended to us by customers. We are always open to suggestions and comments. If you would like to know the name of sources in your area that carry any of our products or, you know of retail establishments in your area where you would like our products to be available, please contact us and we will gladly respond to your request.