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About us

Culinary family tradition

Some of our fondest memories growing up in upstate New York and in Germany are of spending time watching and learning how to make jelly and preserves from the elders in our families. We keep this culinary tradition alive through our small batch jellies and preserves made in the Finger Lakes region of upstate NY.

Helping fruit farms grow

Over the years we have evolved into a full-fledged producer of simple-ingredient fruit jellies and preserves. Our sourcing region started here in the Finger Lakes and has expanded to include growers from across the upstate NY area, New England and the east coast US, and now to growers all the way to the west coast. We source directly from farms and through regional distributors, and know many of the growers personally.

Advocacy through action

Since we began in 1995, we have been a supporter of family farms and small businesses through our purchasing, lobbying and advocacy. As we like to say, this small business likes to help other small businesses grow.

Find us near you

Our fruit spreads are available for purchase here on our webshop and at all Wegmans markets, select Williams-Sonoma gourmet outlets, Market32, Price Chopper, Walmart, food delivery service companies, farm stores, gourmet & gift shops. Visit our โ€œfind usโ€ link to find stores near you!

If your favorite local store does not carry our products, please ask the store manager to add them to the mix. Most will gladly order them for you!


Looking to buy wholesale? Retail stores, gourmet shops, boutiques, hotels, cafes, delis and restaurants can purchase our products for resale or in food-service-size containers via Handshake. Click here:



Questions?ย  Please feel welcome to contact us through our social media pages or email us:

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