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New England Mulling Spices

New England Mulling Spices


4 oz (110 g)


New England Mulling Spice is a popular spice mix used to simmer in apple cider or red wine, but it can also be enjoyed year-round as a cinnamon spice tea. Our traditional mulling spices contain NO SUGAR or artificial flavors. The spices are packed in a loose form, so that you may mull the spices the old fashioned way - alterning the quantity you wish to steep per batch. Great for making large batches of mulled wine or cider. Try these delicious blends:

- Heat apple cider or red wine, add a spoonful of the mulling spices and simmer over low heat. Remove or drain spices from the drink and fashion with a dash of cinnamon or orange peel.

- For a simple winter tea, just add a spoonful of our mulling spices to one liter of hot water (a tea pot that serves about 4 cups). We have found Mulling Spice prepared in this way serves a reliable comfort tea for sore throats, too.

- Some use it as the flavoring spice with maple syrup or honey when basting and slow-roasting ham, turkey or chicken.

Makes at least 8 quarts of tea, enough to steep several gallons of wine or cider. The spices come packed loose so that you may steep the quantity you wish.



  •  all natural
  •  no sugar added
  •  packed loose to make selecting the quantity easier for steeping directly or in a tea strainer
  •  old fashioned, rough cut spices for steeping directly in hot cider or wine
  •  use to make delicious mulled wine, mulled cider, or a winter spice tea

  herbs and spices

Additional Information

  •  No artificial flavors
  •  No preservatives
  •  No MSG
  •  Gluten-Free
  •  Fat-Free
  •  Packaged in biodegradable box made from recycled paperboard
  •  Made in the U.S.A.

Allergen Information

If this product contains any known allergens they may be listed here:

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Condition: new

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