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4-Pack: Raspberry Preserves

4-Pack: Raspberry Preserves


Set of 4 - 9 oz each

Everyone tells us our raspberry preserves taste just like a freshly made raspberry pie, eating it straight out of the jar!  We think it’s because we use a minimum amount of sugar to let the natural flavor of the raspberries come through.

Enjoy on your morning toast.  Dab on buttermilk waffles or pancakes.  Spread on scones or bagels. Use as a natural flavoring in yogurt or oatmeal.  Try as the tasty main ingredient in cakes, muffins or gelatin.

When the season and annual harvest allows, our Raspberry Preserves are made with raspberries grown locally.

This is one of our "two-ingredient-only" recipes containing no pectin!

  Raspberries, Pure Cane Sugar.
Additional Information

  •  Gluten-Free  

  •  Vegan & Dairy-Free

  •  Grain-Free

  •  GMO-Free

  •  All-Natural

  •  No added flavors  

  •  No preservatives

  •  No MSG

  •  Packaged in recyclable glass

  •  Made in the Finger Lakes Region

Allergen Information

If this product contains any known allergens they may be listed here:

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