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NEW: Savory Tomato Jam 🍅

After years of customer requests, we're thrilled to introduce a new item: Savory Tomato Jam!

This unique and versatile condiment has been a beloved treat for generations, traditionally served back-in-the-day as an accompaniment to roasted meats. 

🧀 Cheese, Charcuterie & BBQ 

Everyone's love for scrumptious charcuterie and fondue has reintroduced this old-fashioned favorite as it pairs exquisitely with cheese, crackers and proteins. Today it’s finding new fans among barbecue enthusiasts: top chefs are using Savory Tomato Jam to complement a variety of smoked and grilled dishes, from pulled pork to charred vegetables.

🍯 Small-Batch Deliciousness

We've perfected the time-honored recipe, slowly cooking batches to concentrate the sweetness of vine-ripened local tomatoes with a touch of savory spices, like fresh ginger, citrus and cinnamon.  It’s a favorite among our small team of jammers, with one team member describing it as “Christmas in Jar.”  You’ve got to try it:

  • Wholesome snack or quick lunch?  Dollop on cheese & crackers. 
  • Sunday feasts?  Set out a jar with appetizers or your Sunday roast.  
  • Burgers more your thing?  Use in place of catsup. 

 💭 Need more convincing? 

  • Glaze vegetables while cooking to add depth of flavor.
  • Add to grilled cheese or turkey sandwiches.
  • Dollop on pizza, crostini or bruschetta.
  • Stuff Portobello mushrooms, zucchini or eggplant.
  • Grain bowls or salads - add a sweet-savory pop of flavor.
  • Baste your favorite protein, whether making an omelette, barbecuing ribs, roasting chickpeas, or slow-cooking meatballs.

🛍️ Where to buy

Available now in our online store and at select local retailers.  

See the "Find Us" page to find retailers near you. 

PS: If your favorite local retailer is not carrying this item, please ask the manager - most will gladly oblige!

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