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A small gift goes a long way...

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A few years ago, an elder in our community contacted us with a message: every year a secret Santa leaves a gift in her mailbox. That year was special, she said, because she received a jar of our strawberry preserves. When she tried it, it reminded her of her grandmother’s preserves from many years ago, and brought back wonderful memories of her childhood.

Over the years I’ve come to believe food can be one of the most profound gifts, helping someone reach back in time and extend love into the future.

This year of all years, consider giving the gift of food - To people you know well and to people you think need a loving gesture:

An elderly neighbor.
The parent who is running a mile a minute.
The family member who has to stay home this year.
That one person you know who always does for others.
The colleague who worked non-stop to keep things moving forward.
The church member who is missing fellowship.

Food is a humble way to reach out to someone, to let them know you care. It’s something people will remember with the passage of time, more than tips, toys and technical gadgets.

Sending you each a virtual hug (with mask on) - May it be exponential!

Stay safe! 

- Hillary Hunter

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