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Elderberry & Tart Cherry Now Available at Wegmans

WEGMANS now offers our Elderberry Jelly AND our Tart Cherry Preserves 🍒 this is in addition to our Hot Pepper Jelly, Strawberry Rhubarb Preserves, our two-ingredient Raspberry Preserves, Blueberry Preserves & Strawberry Preserves that should be available at all Wegmans locations.

Full offerings may vary by location. Please ask a manager if you cannot find these items easily - they will gladly assist!

Upon request of a manager or at the service desk, you may also pre-order limited availability items through Wegmans, such as our Red Currant Jelly, Apple Cider Jelly & Spicy Hot Cranberry Spread. 

No Wegmans near you? No problem! Please visit our website or contact us directly to find stores near you that carry our products. Or — order with us online — shipping currently is only $5! A steal of a deal 😄

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