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Announcing the H&H Culinary Competitions at the 2019 NYS Fair

Submit your applications NOW for the Hunter & Hilsberg-sponsored culinary competitions at the 2019 Great New York State Fair

Entry Forms are due by July 1st


NEW FOR 2019 - Hunter & Hilsberg Cake-Baking Competition

Can you make one heck of a cake? You could win the coveted state fair Blue Ribbon plus up to a $100 gift certificate. Enter you favorite cake – cheesecake, flour-based or gluten-free cake, cup cake, bundt cake, angel food, lava cake – anything goes. Primary Criteria: it must contain one or more of our fruits preserves or jellies in the recipe AND it must taste delicious. Visit the website link below to learn more.

FOURTH ANNUAL - Hunter & Hilsberg Jam & Jelly-Making Competition

Do you make an incredible-tasting jam? This is the competition for you! There are several categories, each having 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners who will be awarded the coveted State Fair culinary ribbons PLUS cash prizes up to $100! Primary criteria: the jam/jelly must taste delicious AND have the right consistency for the category.

Submit your applications online by July 1st -- follow this link to apply or learn more:

  1.  Scroll down until you see "Culinary"
  2.  Select the PDF called "Culinary Rules, Regulations & Classes
  • For the jelly-making contests scroll through until you find "Division C: Hunter & Hilsberg Jams & Jellies"
  • For the cake-baking contest scroll through until you find "Division F: Hunter & Hilsberg Cake Contest"

Entries may be featured on our social media, YouTube channels, and right here in our newsletter -- so put your best spatula forward and let’s see what you can do.  Good luck!

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